Software lincense with ShreeCon

STAAD Pro.  : Structural Engineering Software is equipped with Reinforced Concrete & Steel designer which designs the RCC & Steel buildings as per the Code provisions of IS Codes.

STAAD etc.  : This is component designing Software capable designing combine, isolated, piles caps, columns, beams & various steel structure elements as per code provisions.

STAAD dto : This software is also capable of preparing General Architectural Layout & foundation layouts with bar bending schedules along with quantity estimation.

STAAD RCDC : Software integrates seamless workflow of preparation and design of various elements of building.

STAAD FOUNDATION ADVANCED: Used for Designing & detailing foundation systems, machine, plant foundation & water tanks apart from above resources ShreeCon uses different software’s & designing tools to deliver designs & engineering solutions which are one the best platforms in the industry.

Autodesk ACAD: Drafting software with unmatched ability to generate engineering designs.