ShreeCon is fully equipped with the latest state of art softwares & Books database along with the library of IS Codes. At ShreeCon we have successfully handled projects of varying natures involving RCC Designing, Steel Designing, Composite Construction & addition alteration projects. ShreeCon engages above resources to give best possible & economical Structural & Engineering solutions to its valuable clients. Company offers turnkey building solutions which include:

  1. Earthquake Resistant Design of Reinforced Cement Concrete Structures such as Residential, Commercial, Industrial Buildings. Special Structures like Flat Slabs Post & Pre-stressed Structures, Machine Foundation Design for industrial buildings etc.
  2. Design of Steel Structures such as Trusses, Gantries, Latticed Girders, Castled Beams & Space Frame Structures.
  3. Composite Designing of Buildings.
  4. Retrofitting & Seismic Strengthening & Addition Alteration of existing Buildings.
  5. Structural Assessment Reports.
  6. Rate Analysis for Tendering & Competitive Bidding purposes.
  7. Estimation as per PWD CSR & Cost Analysis & Billing of Civil Works.
  8. Valuation Reports of Structures.
  9. Product Promotion & Awareness Generation Program relating to Construction purposes.
  10. Building Design & consultative services.
  11. Quality control & onside consultative services.
  12. Plant designing .
  13. Sewer System and disposal works.
  14. Treatment System an ETP Consulting services.

Geotechnical and Soil Testing

Soil investigation is an important step in making decision regarding the foundation system of a building. An effective soil investigation leads to the correct decision about the foundation system of the building leading to safe & economical design of the building. ShreeCon has vast experience of soil investigations in & around Punjab. ShreeCon offers services as under:

  1. Bearing Capacity Computations & reports by Testing soil by Standard Penetration Test/ Cone Penetration Test upto the depth of fifty feet.
  2. Pile Load Testing.